Welcome to the Diamond Mine Online System!

A Unique Online Destination

The Diamond Mine Online is a unique entertainment destination on the Internet. Here you will find a number of message boards (to read and post on), play online games, and download shareware files.

If you are already familiar with ANSI-based Telnet, Click Here to access the Diamond Mine directly. Or use your own Telnet Client and enter bbs.dmine.net in the address block.

Or you may also try out our experimental Web Interface. Either way you do it, you'll be able to get there and join the fun - ABSOLUTELY FREE! 

What is there to do at the Diamond Mine Online?

We have over 40 interactive online games, over 200 message forums, and over 1 GB of shareware files! Something for everybody! Check out our Things To Do page for more details!


How To Access the Diamond Mine Online?

Unfamiliar with how to use a Telnet Client? No problem - just visit our How To Access page and we'll get you set up to access the Diamond Mine Online with free utilities.


How To Use the Diamond Mine Online?

The Diamond Mine Online is menu driven, and could cause confusion for a first timer. No problem - we've developed step by step instructions on how to navigate the Diamond Mine! Check out our tutorials!


Frequently Asked Questions

Want a quick view of what we're all about? Click Here to check out our FAQ page.


Use Our New Web Telnet Interface

Use our new Web Telnet Interface. It will allow you to access the system, but you cannot download any files. You will need to use a true Telnet Client found on the How To Access page.

Visit Our Facebook Page

Visit our Facebook Page for more up to date information.


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